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  • Category:   Fighting games
  • Description: This time, our dear bum Hobo wanders his way to heaven! “No Hobos allowed in heaven!” Oh, those snobs are so annoying and let’s teach them a lesson, using fists! If you are a die hard fan of Hobo series, you must be very familiar with the game instructions but still, I will give a very brief one here. Use the arrow keys to move and key A is for giving a punch while S is for kicking. You can use some combinations (like A and S) to do some eye-opening stunts, like peeing or ... I just stop here. A friendly word of caution: this is a PG-13 flash game with a lot of blood and unpleasant scenes! Just enjoy Hobo 7 Heaven at T45 and never, never imitate Hobo’s impolite (a huge understatement) behavior in real life! Just kidding, I know you won’t...
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