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  • Author:   N/A
  • Category:   Puzzle games | TD games
  • Description: It is such a usual lovely sunny happy day on the farm and let’s chop off some zombies’ heads for fun! (I know I shouldn’t sound so … delightful but the music is just so lively!) There they come! Who!? ZOMBIES (happily dancing and marching towards the farmhouse with the rhythm)! You can click your farmer unit to spawn some really hardworking farmers and click the building unit to make some hot money or interesting stuff! By the way, by making the zombies’ heads roll, you can make your money roll! Believe it or not, even the groan (I really don’t know from whom) sounds so lively! Farmer Vs Zombie, a defense war is right on the way! If you love this cute flash game, stay tuned for more at!
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