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  • Author:   Box10
  • Category:   Shooting games
  • Description: At night, there is always something strange happening! (The most famous example is the werewolf!) And at this farm, creepy things have happened! The farmers have turned into werewolves! Ok, kidding! In fact, just crazy dogs going even crazier! Firstly, they can walk standing upwards and secondly, they attack people! The weirdest of all is they are just endless! (I know farm keeps dogs but this number!?...) Your job is to protect your farm and survive the night! Keep breathing before the timer ticks off and use the gun to kill the dogs and earn some money! (I never figured out who pays you the money to kill those dogs and what’s for… you know, it just does not make sense! Anyway, you can use the money to upgrade yourself and kill more dogs!) Press the key W to jump and the keys A and D to move! Use mouse to aim and shoot and the key Q is for switching weapons! Good luck and I hope you can enjoy the sun of tomorrow! This “creepily” fun flash game Farm At Night is brought to you with great pleasure by our super cool website! Help us spread the word and share the fun!
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