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  • Author:   txgames
  • Category:   Arcade games
  • Description: You are opening a can of worms! Yes, this game is probably more challenging than you think! Anyway, welcome to this mad world of worms! There are cute bugs as well as not so lovely bugs, catch the former ones and avoid the latter ones. (Some are really dangerous and can do you real harm. You can distinguish them easily since they just look evil!) Be careful when you encounter the grasshoppers and those dangerous eggs they produce! (How dangerous?! Just imagine those eggs are tiny bombs!) And those cute and seemingly harmless bees can be destructive too! They can throw heavy pots at you! (But maybe those pots contain honey!) You can use stones as weapons by throwing them at the ones you don’t like (please don’t do this in real life) and eat those yummy polliwogs to restore your strength (I don’t recommend this either). You can either control your super worm by the arrow keys or by your mouse! This great flash game Worm Madness is brought to you with great pleasure by our super great website!
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