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  • Author:   afrodita
  • Category:   Shooting games
  • Description: Pink!? What happened to the Lincoln green clothes? Long story… One day when our archer was enjoying himself in the river, a man did something making him very angry. And it turned out that our hero really learned the lesson fast and did the same evil thing to another poor victim (in fact, a beautiful lady). “Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor”? It seems more like “robbed by someone and get revenge from another”! The heroic outlaw really has done a not-so-heroic deed! Anyway, he has not lost the remarkable skill yet! (Or has he?) To find out if he is still the highly skilled archer, just click our hero, adjust the angle and the strength by dragging the arrow and then release the mouse! (You should make sure the angle is in a proper position and the strength is perfectly adjusted before you shoot the arrow!) The bow twangs and the arrow whistles through the air. Hit the target? You tell me! Please remember, in each level you have to reach a certain score to go to the next. The arrows are limited and more difficult the target, more points you will get! Good luck, our hero! (I also wish you luck the next time you take a bath in the river!) This cute flash game is presented to you with great pleasure by our super cute website! I hope you like it!
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