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  • Author:   flyborg
  • Category:   Adventure games
  • Description: Our hero Bunny once lived in a peaceful and happy world until one day a wicked rodent Adolf Bunne (Do villains have preference for names?) seized power and turned the whole world into a madhouse! Of course our Bunny can’t tolerate this! (If you think our hero Bunny really looks like a rat, don’t worry, you are not alone!) He decides to destroy Adolf Bunne and his Bunion Army no matter what obstacles waiting for him! Press the arrow keys to move our Bunny and the down arrow key is for attacking with Bunny’s katana. (This awesome attacking skill can only be used in midair!) Don’t forget to break those boxes which may contain coins or carrots. Bunny loves carrots and he can exchange the coins for health bonus. (No, I don’t mean that you can buy health with money!) This great flash game Bunny Vs World is presented to you by our superb website! Just a friendly word of caution, don’t attack while Bunny is over a pit! Safety first!
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