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  • Author:     addictive247
  • Category:     Adventure games
  • Description: Skin and Bones are good friends, actually, they prefer you call them “one soul dwells in two parts of the body”! They are so close that they can’t stand being separated even for a second. And now they are in Scream Villa, a super scary place nobody dares to venture even in daytime! Now it is night, dark mysterious night, and you can hear somebody somewhere screaming! Your mission is to control BOTH Skin and Bones (you can switch them by pressing the spacebar. I just don’t understand how they manage to switch between sleeping and being awake so quickly!) to lead them safely out of this haunted place and collect gems along their way! (You must collect ALL gems on each level to proceed to the next!) Use your right and left arrow keys to move them and the control key is for jumping. Skin’s job is to collect those precious stones and Bones is responsible to protect him by destroying all those monsters and traps and being a shield if necessary. (What are friends for!?) What if some gems are so high to reach or some enemies not so easy to attack? Hey, don’t forget they are a great team! Just stand one on the other’s head. (I hope the one below don’t mind.) Can Skin and Bones successfully escape Scream Villa? Yes, if they stick to each other! This great flash game Skin and Bones Chapter 2 is brought to you by our cute website! Just a word of friendly caution from my personal experience: don’t play it after midnight!
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