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  • Description: Vindex Gladiator is a skill game. This game is very wonderful, because you can save your game after playing, and reload when you open it next time. When click an area on the map, there are a dialog box appearing, you can choose what you want to do (training, buy items or others). When you are in a battle against your opponent, you can choose what you want do by click the items in the control bar around your character. You can choose Fighting Command, Defend, Numina, Items Command, and Alchemy Command. Because the item shop only lies in the city, so you really have to use your items very careful every time you are in a battle scene. Training is very important. You must note that, level and experience are very important; some battles need some level to win, so to increase your level by gaining more experiences points, you have to do more battles. You are able to revisit area you passed trough in the story, there you can use training to fight any enemies that lie in that area. Each enemies only lies in certain area, the higher the enemy level in the story, the more experience point that you gain by defeat them. Ready? Go!!
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