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  • Description: Treasure Diving is an action game. In this game, your target is to drive in the sea as deep as you can. For attack, you can move your mouse to aim at the enemies, and press the left mouse button to fire or attack. For movement, you can Press the “A” key to move leftward, press “D” key to move rightward, press “W” key to move upward, press “S” key to move downward. Press “Q” key to use health potion, press “E” key to use O2 refill potion. Press “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, and “5” key to change the sword’s gem. Press Space Bar to change weapon’s type (Harpoon gun to Elemental Sword), press Enter key to open the menu. You should attention to the items: “02 Bubble” will automatically refill your 02 tank, “Seaweed Herb” can restore some health, “Gold Coin” can collect gold to upgrade and buy items. “Pearl” is more expensive than “gold coin”, and “Chest” can give you random bonus. Attention to the dolphin, it will assists you to attack your enemies for few seconds, so it is very useful for you. Remember, the deeper you drive in the sea, the higher score, you will have. Ready? Let’s go!!!
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