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  • Description: Obama Saw Game is a puzzle game. In this game your target is to save the presidential family. Evil puppet Pig saw has kidnapped Michelle, Sasha and Malis to force Obama to play a sick game at Whit House. The only choice to get his family back is passing all sick tests of the freaky puppet. You can use your mouse to control. You can click on any part of the floor to walk, if you want to interact with persons or objects, you just need to click on it and choose an action: Mouth (talk, taste, bite and so on) Hand (grab, take, punch, and so on) or EYE(to have a description of the desired element). If you want to trigger actions, you can drag and object of your inventory (located at the bottom of the screen) and drop it over any other element that is on the stage (put) or in the inventory itself (combine). To end the dialogs, you can press ESC key, to speed sentences up, you can just click at any point of the screen. Hey, boy, think it over, let’s go!
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