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  • Description: Reincarnation is a puzzle game. In this game, you become a demon worked for Luke, and your task is to find a way inside the reincarnies house so that you can bring him back to the hell. You can use your mouse to control your movement. Please pay attention to your cursor, if it turns to a hand, it means there should be some thing to find. Some humans think that the way you act in the earth realm will determine what you are reincarnated into. You see when god exiled Luke to hell; he told him to collect as many evil souls as he could. However, for god’s enjoyment he pot a clause in the situation that the corrupt souls that end up down here would have a chance to redeem themselves in the earth realm through reincarny portals that god placed all over hell. Once in the earth realm again, these humans can redeem themselves and move on to heaven. Once Luke has lost enough souls to the reincarnation system, god will shut down Luke’s beautiful operation down here. So when a reincarny gets back into the human realm, Luke will send a demon into the realm after them to re-kill them before they run to the good side. Good Luck!
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