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  • Description: Attack Of The Puppybots is a skill game. In this game, your target is to destroy all the robot dogs and free the puppies! You can press the Up arrow key to jump, Down arrow key to duck, Left arrow key to move left, Right arrow key to move right. You can press the Space Bar to fire, and hold it to charge. By pressing “X” key, you can switch out your characters (the 3 girls), and you must notice that, the 3 girls share the health bar. There are 2 bars on the top of the screen, health bar, and super shot bar. For health bar, the 3 girls share this bar. For super shot bar, you can hold space Bar to charge, and then release for super shot. For the listed 3 letters: “P”, “O”, “W”, you can collect all 3 letters to unlock the ultimate super shot. Attention, the candy can give you invincibility power; the heart can restore your health. So you must collect them when you find them. Hey, let go, have fun!!!
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