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  • Description: California Gold Rush is a skill game. In this game, your target is to dig up as much gold as you can from the mines and reach at least the first gold milestone indicated in the milestone meter. You can move around by using the arrow keys or your mouse. If you click further away or drag and release the left mouse button, you can move longer distances. You can dig tunnels to left, right and below of you. You can dig by clicking on a square adjacent to you. Moving and digging both take stamina, which is shown in the top right of the screen. Stamina loss is shown above your head each time you lose some. Mining gold pots the gold chunks in your backpack. Backpack is emptied by moving to the shop above ground -this gives you money. With the money you can buy items form the shop and access your inventory to use them. Explosives create tunnels faster; supports prevent tunnels with rocks above them from collapsing etc. It is fully of funny, attention to the dangerous bat!!
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