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  • Category:   Skill games
  • Description: SpiderX is a funny skill game. In this game your target is to throw a spider’s web and pull the entire fly toward yourself into your mouth. You can press the Left arrow key or “A” key to move left, Right arrow key or “D” key to move right. You can move your mouse to take aim, and click the left click to catch them., after that , you can press Down arrow key or “S” key to pull them into your mouth. Attention, by level up, there maybe some bombs around you, you must escape to touch it, because it may leads to explosion. The pink elusive fly can change it location at anytime, so you must catch it as soon as you can. You can throw a spider’s web at the yellow square and stick to it all flies you meet. Catch the explosion forbid square, you will be able to neutralize a touched bomb. If there is a number marked on the square,it means you will catch more than one fly. If you wake up the red monster by touch him with other squares, he will eat your fly. Some times he will tear your web. Throw your spider’s web on a gray square, you can gather flies on an invisible thread. The blue square is a super spider hide, if you activate this square, the spider will throw webs from all its sides. Wish you good luck!!
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