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  • Description: It is an adventure game that you try to survive and move from one city to another. To see how you will live without any money at the beginning? Open, you will find this wonderful game and start the life. The green bar is the status bar. Keep an eye on these values as they are essential for survival. The game is over if your health points reach zero. So don’t forget to eat or go to the hospital from time to time. Action points represent time, once per day you can choose various actions that will cost you action points. Go to sleep to regenerate it. Earn some money by collecting cans, begging or scavenging piles of garbage. Don’t forget to buy useful things in the shop. You have to reach your goal within 25 days. Every time you go to sleep, a new day begins. Now you are in New York City, let the journey begin! This is Bummin A Ride.
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