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  • Author:   Nonoba
  • Category:   Puzzle games
  • Description: DropSum Colors is a challenging puzzle game on in which your objective is to click on tiles to remove colored groups. You can’t remove singles and very time you clear a large group, your bonus multiplier increases. The bigger the group you make, the more points you will earn. If you can keep increasing it you will earn a big combo chain. Plus, the bonus multiplier is how you earn power-ups, which are useful!To win a round, clear enough tiles so the red box turns green. You will see balloons if you do it. The round is over when you are unable to clear any more tiles. Clear tile groups of five tiles or more, you will increase your combo multiplier. Keep an eye on your combo multiplier at the bottom of the screen. As your combo multiplier increases, it also triggers useful power-ups. As you earn power-ups, they stack up in the column on the right screen. Have fun!
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