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Game information
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  • Author:   Johan
  • Category:   Action games
  • Description: Barbarian Onslaught,which is available on ,is a challenging action game. Use the left and right arrow keys or A and D keys to navigate. Run towards the ledge and press the up arrow key or W key to leap across. Kill the monsters by pressing space bar, tap it repeatedly for a flurry of fast attacks, or hold it down for slow but powerful strong attacks. Try to avoid the arrows or defeat them with your sword by carefully timing your strokes. Check your health bar on the top left of the screen. To lift a barrel tap space bar, and then throw it by holding down space bar, when your rage bar is full, you can perform a rage attack, instantly killing an enemy by holding down space bar but using up all your rage. Walk over food to regain health. This is your chance to show your fighting skills. Good luck!
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