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Game information
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  • Author:   Arcade Bomb
  • Category:   Action games
  • Description: No matter how undefeatable you are, what an villain you are, or what a glorious or adorable guy you are, when you died, all the aura of glory or the notorious rumor will never go with you. It will mean nothing to you will you underneath the earth. Heroes may die, as Khronos, the god of war, when he saw Hades, he will be the warrior forever fighting for him to have eternity of the flesh. The game Khronos is an action game available on, for totally free. You can gain achievements by doing certain things in the game. Achievements are used to unlock awards, making combos, killing opponent faster, or using certain defensive strategies and you might unlocked some achievements. Then when you have enough awards, you can unlock one more different character. Each character has its own strength and weakness. You might find that on character has more power but less agility. Choose your hero cautionly, and survive to win your battles.
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