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  • Author:   Lysis
  • Category:   Car games
  • Description: Rocket Racers is a racing game on in which you can show you racing skill. This championship provides great entertainment through the local group, and promotes friendship and camaraderie between galaxies. Each ship is built by the competing lifeforms to be very sturdy, and is also capable of interfacing with the race weapon system. This weapon is designed to temporarily disable all competitors in the vicinity, while causing no long-term damage. The races are organized into two series, the Comet and Sunspot cups, of four races each. After you have completed a track, finishing in the top three, you are permitted to perform time-trials on that course. Each track has one missile reloading station. From this, up to one missile per lap may be acquired. You have three lives, if you fail to place in the top three, you lose a life and must repeat the race. Control your ship by rotating it, and propelling it forward using its rocket engine. You can also fire the missile, once you’ve picked one up from the reloading station. Controls may be customized before the game starts. Don’t be afraid of collisions with track walls or other contestants. This is a contact sport, and all contestants can withstand it. Good luck with your racing.
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