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adam200555 12/05 23:28

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  • Description: Feudalism is a strategy game, in which you can give land and farm and protection to your people and the fight for you to achieve your empire sovereign. In the map, city halls.are the place where you can view your hero stats and ask for a quest or declare war on the town. Forge is the spot to buy and sell weapons and armor. Barracks recruit and disband your troops and temple to buy healing potions and scrolls. The thread from the beginning to the end is to fight for the glory and gold and colonize the towns and cities. To swipe all the places to your territory, you can take any way you can image. This is the game, available for totally free. When you control your hero Left click to confirm destination, Space bar for attacks, when your in combat mode, just take good care of yourself for your roops are wise enough to fight on their own. Go and start your long journey to the world domination.
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