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  • Author:   MTC
  • Category:   Adventure games
  • Description: Millie Megavolt 4 is an adventure game on in which your mission is to kill the boss character at the end of the stage. Millie is the middle of the road hero in the game. Her ability lets her rise above the others with unmatched damage. Kilzek’s Reservoir Blade gives him unrivaled strength and reach. However,its bulk also slows him down and limits his jumping. He also has less health than the others. Mega vitamin is a fleet and durable hero. Although his sword attacks are the weakest,he has the highest health pool in the game and the most running speed. Killing enemies and getting hurt award pulse points, which are used for special abilities. You can use powerful abilities with Pulse Points. Running out of time results in losing a life and starting the stage over. Time limit is affected by difficulty level. Go ahead and explore various exciting levels...
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