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  • Author:   gimme5games
  • Category:   Shooting games
  • Description: Cannon Bods is a shooting game. This is quiet a time killer game, you are equiped with a cannon and some spare cannon bods that you are supposed to fire away at the pirates who are being parachuted down on to your ship. Your goal is to shoot down like parachute pirates with the ones from your cannon. You have to shoot down goal number of cannon bods to advance to the next level. Enjoy this fun cannon bod game. Parachuting pirates ahoy! Using your mouse to control the aiming of the cannon and the left mouse button to fire, you must hit the matching pirate! Make good use of the angle and strength of the shots to create chains and get bigger points. Don't forget to look out for Polly, she makes a nuisance of herself flying across the screen, but if you hit her, you make big points.
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