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  • Author:   RMW Media
  • Category:   Sport games | Basketball games
  • Description: Street ball makes the traditional basketball getting more interesting and various in all the scoring actions. Basket Scoring: To advance you must score cleven points before your opponent does. You must win by two. Shots from behind the arc count for two points, everything inside the arc is one point. Style Scoring: Your style score is generated by the quality of moves and shots you create. Each time you "burn" or "smoke" your oponent you receive extra points. Burning your opponent builds up the FUNKMETER,which enables you to pull of more difficult dunks and generate extra points. Each time your opponent scores on or burns you, your style points are reduced and your FUNKMETER goes down. You cna advance to the next level by winning the game, but to generate a high score you need burn your opponent frequently and build up style points. The high score system is based on style points alone. Click the P key to pause/resume the game at any time.
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