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  • Author:   jmtb02
  • Category:   Skill games
  • Description: Parachute Retro is a skill game. I guess this is my chance to rant about the game. So I will seize the moment. This game started when I was playing a really old game that was released, I think, on Nintendo or Macintosh, or something that was older. Anyway I was playing a newer version of the game made in 1999,and I realized the game had a flaw. Pretty much the game was that you dropped a man out of the sky into a pile of hay in a truck. The game got harder with the increase of speed and getting stuck in the clouds. I thought this was an interesting concept that was left unfinished. I decided that the game needed a fixer-upper, and a newer version was needed. This game took about 40 hours to make. My previous game, Ball Revamped, took way longer than that. This game was relatively simpler than my last game. It was my summer project because I had no school, and college starts in the Fall. I guess there are some people I have to thank. The class of 2004 from NTHS in Carat least half of that class played my old games and enjoyed them even when they were boring. Thanks guys. Derek Templeton was the main tester for the game, and spent his free time just playing it repetitively until he got sick of it. He deserves some praise. Of course, Braden, because he is what he is. And all my dose friends, who sat through the showing of my games for hundreds of times. And thank you for playing. I guess I am done.
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