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Euro 2012 GS Soccer

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  • Resolution:640x600
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Description: Europe is the hottest place in the world now all because of a magic ball! Oh, who is not crazy about FOOTBALL!? (Some boys’ girlfriends…) If you can’t enjoy the hot tide enough, why not try to make the atmosphere hotter by playing this cool game Euro 2012 GS Soccer brought to you by our super hot flash game website T45? You can either play the official rounds or random rounds! Wow, you really need consummate skills to control the magic ball to win the game! Control your players (there are 11 of them in case you don’t know…ok, I am kidding…) When your player controls the ball, tap the key A to lob and key S to pass and D to kick it! When the ball is in the other side’s control, use the key A to do a soft tackle or D to perform a hand tackle and S to switch player who you can control! (There are 11 of them but you can only control one at a time and others will follow the ball and hopefully you teach them strategies well…) Enjoy the greatest game! Eternal youth, eternal passion!

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