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Arkandian Legends Chapter 2 Revenant

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  • Resolution:640x480
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Description: Heroes against villains, what a universal theme to create the most fantastic legend! You can make the legend continues by being the greatest Arkandian hero at T45! By the way, have I told you that you are a lovely skeleton trying to escape from numerous dark guards and happen to make friends with an even weirder-looking “Mr. Head”!? Blood will be shed on your way to freedom and courage is greatly needed to make your enemies’ heads roll at your feet! (Speaking of enemies, you have got some really formidable and menacing ones…) Take turns to make actions on your enemy by clicking on different icons and keep your blood bar in a healthy state! (Strange, skeletons don’t have blood, am I right!?) Believe it or not, You can cast spells!

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