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Stick RPG

  • 83%
    287 Rates in total

  • Resolution:550x400
  • Game control:

Description: One uneventful afternoon, you find yourself drifting off to sleep… Your eyes begin to close, but sleep does not come. You find yourself in a state of mind between slumber and wakefulness, the hynogagonic state. Your sense of special dimensions begins to shift, and when you regain your bearings and become self aware once more you come to the dizzying realization that up and down no longer exist. There is no floor, no ceiling. There is no top. There is no bottom. You have entered the 2nd dimension. Looks like you could be stuck here for awhile. May as well enjoy your new consequence free environment and all the benefits of megalomania! Aquire as much net worth as you can! To move, use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Enter buildings by walking into doors. Avoid cars and other obstacles. Many actions (eating, working, etc…) will use up time. When you run out of time, return to your apartment to sleep. This will also restore health. The rest is up to you to explore!

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