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Star Relic

  • 42%
    19 Rates in total

  • Resolution:500x500
  • Game control:

Description: You have to first choose the slot, race and gender for your commander! (By the way, don’t be so surprised if you learn that the Klosian Sodinar is asexual. In case you wonder, they have a unique way to reproduce…) you can choose the single battle mode or the story mode and use your wisdom and strategies to “rule the galaxy” or defeat the evil scheme of some race who want to do that. (To be frank, “rule the galaxy” is the second most stupid thing I have ever heard, the first is “I am the king of the universe”…) Sodinar warp gate and human warp gate are both to teleport new units into the battlefields and the repair platform, of course, is for repair ships(the adjacent ones). The energy reactor (the blue diamond) is for charging bonus energy for the adjacent ships. That’s all I can tell you, ENJOY! And if you like this flash game Star Relic, don’t forget to invite your friends to play it in our great website!

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