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Furry Artist

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  • Resolution:640x480
  • Game control:

Description: John Dryden once said, “Beware the fury of a patient man.” Well, he didn’t know the fury of a furry artist is even more formidable! Say hello to our furry artist: he screams, and his face distorts with fury and pain! You are going to help the artist can express his rage in some artistic ways! Press the arrow keys or keys A and D to move. (Press the directional keys twice can boost him to run.) Jump by pressing up arrow key or W while ducking by tapping the down arrow key or the key S! L or X is for giving some punches and hold key K or Z can turn you into guard mode! (While in guard mode you are invincible and you also can press the up or down key to enter the upper or lower lane, but first make sure you have enough guard points!) By the way, don’t forget to have some snacks along your way! (They are good for you!) Your careless enemies will drop some keys. Pick them up and keep them for yourselves! (No need to feel guilty! They are for unlocking the doors)! This awesome flash game Furry Artist is brought to you with great pleasure by our super awesome website!

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