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Psycho Jack In Stupid Rabbit

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  • Resolution:600x500
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Description: Psycho Jack has a really difficult task: babysit! (If you have done babysitting before, you will know what I mean!) To make matter worse, those stupid rabbits are messing things up! Believe it or not, they eat babies! (I only know rabbits love carrots. Babies!? Wow, speechless!) What will Psycho Jack do? Chop up those babies and feed the rabbits! Kidding! (I am just following a psycho’s way of thinking! No, thinking in a psycho’s way is not my specialty!) Help Jack circle the rabbits to kill them. This is really not easy as you think! They are rabbits and they hop! (I know those rabbits are STUPID but they are not stupid enough to wait for death!) Maybe it is really unnecessary to point this out, but I still feel it is my obligation to say this: NO, YOU MUST NOT CIRCLE THE BABIES! (Our Jack loves babies!) Kill all the babies and you can go the next level! This a-little-weird-but-cute-anyway flash game Psycho Jack In Stupid Rabbit is brought to you with great pleasure by our not-weird-at-all-and-even-cuter website! I just can’t understand this: what kind of parents on earth are they that hire a psycho to babysit?

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