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Description: Let’s face it! This is the very reason why we come to this world! Love? Yes! Spiritually, emotionally and physically! Do you know before a sperm can reach an egg it has to go through a long and dangerous journey? To help you have a vague notion of the difficulty, just think about this fact: your father didn’t need to take the ultimate challenge to beat millions of boys to win the heart of your mother! Yes, one sperm needs to compete with millions of other sperms to complete the seemingly-impossible-but-really-practical (If the mission failed, how you came to this world?!) mission of two souls dwelling in one body! Now it is your chance to help our brave sperms complete this holy task concerning the survival of our species! Just use your mouse to click those whatever-you-calls to make them shoot sperms into the holes of the egg! (It is more like a planet since this game is set in space! And please remember you only have limited chances!) Every successful shoot will give you some bonus money and you can use the money to upgrade in the space shop! This cute and a little naughty flash game Astronaughty is presented to you with great pleasure by our even cuter (and not naughty at all) website! I am just wondering if that can be considered as a low sperm count. Honestly speaking, we would have died out millions years ago if we had this few sperms!

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