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Medieval Quest

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  • Resolution:580x430
  • Game control:

Description: Your friends are all trapped in the castle! (But why they seem so happy!?) Your mission? Save them using the key in the chest! (Of course you have to find it yourself! Unfortunately, Mr. Moseby is busy fighting the annoying trolls now in the Hill of Zarfod and can’t help you. So you are on your own! Honestly speaking, between killing trolls and exploring the castle, I prefer the latter.) You can use the arrow keys or use your keyboard keys to move. (The keys Q and E can make you turn left and right and you can also slide left and right using the keys A and D. The W and S keys are for going forward and backward.) You are a magician, remember? Just press the spacebar to shoot magic from your wand! (Maybe whisper the spells at the same time.) The castle is a labyrinth and you will need the map (on the screen) to be crystal clear of your position. The items you collect along your way, the health bar and your score are also shown on the screen. One more thing, don’t forget to watch the message window on the bottom of the screen! It contains really useful information! I just hear the scream for help from your friends. Go, our hero, go! The fates of your friends lie in you! This stunningly beautiful flash game Medieval Quest is brought to you with great pleasure by our awesome website! If you like it very much, why not spread the word to share the fun?

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