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Lt Fly VS Spiders From Above

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  • Resolution:680x510
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Description: Lt Fly VS Spiders From Above is a very funny shooting game. It is different from the normal shooting game. In this game, you should gain your bullets by yourself, and you should on one hand collect the bullets, on the other hand use the collecting bullets to shoot at the evil spiders. You will see a box on the left hand of your screen; you will see many different color of token in the box. When you click on a token you will change it color to the one provided by major maggot. Major maggot will feed you different color of token one by one. You can place it by click on the blinking token. And your target is to make a set of 4 adjacent tokens of the same color! When you form a set of 4 or more adjacent tokens of the same color that set will disappear letting the tokens above fall down. Certainly, you can see there are some bullets, and special weapons list in the box, so you can get them when they reach the bottom. After you get the enough bullets or weapons, the spiders will fall down form the right hand of your screen, and you can move your mouse to aim at the spiders, and click the left mouse button to shoot them. Each level, you must kill the target number of evil spiders, the number is shown on the bomb icon (on the upside of your screen). Be careful, don’t only focus on the falling spiders, you should mean while pay more attention to the weapon bar (on the bottom of your screen), it shows what kind of weapon you can use, and how many leave for further using. When you don’t have enough weapons, you must try to get some on the “box”. Good luck!!!

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