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Garden TD

  • 83%
    66 Rates in total

  • Resolution:700x525
  • Game control:

Description: Garden TD is a skill game. In this game, your target is to protect your garden against the invaders attack. You can use your mouse to click on the items, and then click on the playing place to set them. You can see different Gnome in this game. Pellet Gnome can shoots air and ground targets, can be upgrade to Spear and Razor gnome. Spear Gnome can shoot faster than Pellet Gnome. Razor Gnome has the biggest fire range and damage, and it cost more money. Bomb Gnome can fires bombs with huge damage, and it can upgrades into Rocket Gnome. Rocket Gnome fire dangerous rockets at long distance. Boomerang Gnome can send a boomerang which follows a curve line and returns to its initial position. Chewing gum can slow down up to 10 invaders. Gas sprayer affects air and ground units. Invaders lose health points when they are in the range of gas. Two towers at the both sides of the road radiate laser beam between them. Invaders will lose health points when they are in range of the beam. Remember, ten poisoned balls can be placed on the road. Each ball kills one invader. The balls are limited and each explosion subtracts one ball form the pile. The bomb blows in 5 seconds after the set and affects all pests within the range of explosion. It is not efficient to build many defenders. The upgrades make them much more dangerous than in the initial state. Each unit has unique upgrade including: damage, range, action time and reload time. Attention, worm after death divides into smaller worms, caterpillar after death transforms into butterfly, and dragonfly is immune to Gas Sprayer. Has thick armor. Ready? Go!!

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