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Drakkens Lair

  • 75%
    102 Rates in total

  • Resolution:580x410
  • Game control:

Description: Drakkens Lair is an action game. In this game, your target is to kill all the enemies to complete each level. You can press the Left arrow key to run leftward, press the Right arrow key to run right, pres the Up arrow key to jump, press the “H” key to help, press the “B” key to kick, press the Space Bar to activate switch/elevator. There will be two characters you can control. For Kim, you can press the Space Bar to use Kim’s grappling hook, and press Left/Right arrow key twice to slide. For Ran, you can press the Up arrow key again in the mid-air to double-jump. Press Space Bar to bring Rufus out. Remember, you should try to find the kimmunicator it allows you to switch between Kim and Ran by press “K”, you should also grab the battery to fill up your energy and to score more points!! Ready? Game start!!

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