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Monsters Den Book Of Dread

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  • Resolution:550x450
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Description: Monsters Den Book Of Dread is a skill game. In this game, you should lead your troops to kill all the enemies in each level. The position of the party is indicated by the brightest room. You can click on a neigh outing room to travel there. Entering rooms which contain monsters will trigger a battle. Defeating the monster will earn you treasure. You must find the level exit in order to progress further into the dungeon. Lower levels are more difficult, so it is often best to search out as much treasure as possible before continuing. If you can’t figure out where to explore next, try clicking the “map hint” button You should pay more attention to the bottom of your screen. On the lower left corner is the percentage of monsters on the current level slain. In the middle shows the current dungeon level. If the level exit has been found, you may click here to quickly descend. These portraits display the status of your party members. Click on a portrait to manage their skills and equipment. At the low right corner shows the percentage of rooms on the current level explored. Good Luck!!

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