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Warfare 1944

  • 93%
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  • Resolution:800x500
  • Game control:

Description: Warfare 1944 is a classic game. In this game you become a leader of a country, and your target is to kill all the enemies. You can move your mouse to control all the movement, and click the left button to activate items. You can choose to US or Germany, then start the war. You can firstly only control two kinds of army team: Riflemen team and assistant team. When you upgrade one level, you will unlock a new kind of army team like 30 CAL team, Sniper Team, Bazooka Team, Officer Team, and so on. You totally can control 6 kinds of army team, remember, different kinds of team can be used in different battles, you can use your mind to combine them, and make the best use of them. You can click the team on the deploy box, and then click the attack area on the battle area, you can continuous click the team to set, but if it can not be clicked, you can wait for about 3 seconds, and click again to set your teams. After kill all the enemies of each level, you can go to the next level; after all the levels in one square are complete, you can upgrade to the next square. Hey, leader, let’s start!!

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