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Kick Flip

  • 69%
    192 Rates in total

  • Resolution:640x420
  • Game control:

Description: Kick Flip is a sport game. In this game, you become a skilled levelland. Your target is to use all of your wonderful skill to get a high score within time limited. Remember the most important is your control. Try to keep the following tips in mind. You can press the arrow keys to control your moving direction, and press the Space Bar to jump (first, hold it to move faster and charge jump force, second release Space Bar to jump). You should get most out of you jump by charging the jump force, and then jump off while also having a good ground roll/angle momentum. You can press “A” key to Filp, “S” key to Shuv-it in air, and “D” key to grind above rails. You can also combine trick keys with arrow keys for other tricks. Attention, you must try to do as many slick tricks as you can, the more you repeat the same trick per jump, the less points you get for it, so try to do a different trick each time. The more tricks you do in a row without landing, the higher you trick combo score multiplier gets. Grinding/sliding and doing a manual in landing moment do not count as normal landing so you can use those to continue your trick chain. Cool! Let’s go!!

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