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Old Mario Bros

  • 70%
    345 Rates in total

  • Resolution:640x480
  • Game control:

Description: In Old Mario Bros, you can use the A and D to run around. Press W to duck from the enemies. Press S to enter the pipeline. Press J to use hammer and K to use the fireballs. The space bar stands for jump. Pay attention to the super mushroom. It can make Mario grow twice in size and let him gain extra hit points. The life mushroom can add a life to your character. The fire flower allows Mario to shoot two fireballs to the enemies. The super hammer blasts through blocks and foes alike. But only big Mario can use this. At the end of each level, the total points Mario has collected are based on the total points possible for a level. If Mario gets over 10 percentage points possible, he gains 1 up. The more points he gets the high level he gains. Different objects worth different points. Are you exciting now? Open the website now. Enjoy this game!

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