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Bunny Charm

  • 79%
    19 Rates in total

  • Resolution:550x400
  • Game control:

Description: Bonny charm is not only a shooting game but also an arcade game. In this game, you act as the rabbit, Bonny, to kill all of his enemies and escape for the next level. Use W, A, S, D hot keys to control the rabbit, click your mouse to aim and shoot. You can see books, toothbrush, toothpaste, smoking paraphernalia/set, telephone, paper, pencils, boxes and many other things in the game field. Fingers come out from vicious holes and want to attack you. Use your gun to shoot and shun in the same time. You can see both your energy meter and theirs in the screen. Replenish your energy by returning to the place which is sighed by a red cross. When an enemy is killed, there will be a gravestone shown in the place he died. You get upgrade points when the flags turned red, it means you conquest it. Use your points to upgrade special abilities such as health, speed, damage, rate of fire and range. During this game, you can also set traps with the money you earned from killing enemies .You can drag from the menu at your right and drop them anywhere in the game field. Don’t you think it’s interesting? Visit and enjoy this game now.

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