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Randys Jailbreak

  • 86%
    42 Rates in total

  • Resolution:640x480
  • Game control:

Description: Randy used to work for the mafia, and worked closely with the mob boss (big Ben). He did pretty much anything for his boss and wanted to prove his capability. Until one day when Randy and his boss came across the biggest drug deal in their entire criminal career. However, the drug deal was interrupted by the police and shootouts begin on both ends. Furthermore, Randy’s boss sees an opportunity to escape the chaotic scene, while Randy puts his life on the line to protect his boss, but Randy’s boss has other ideas, and he escapes the scene with his backup and lets Randy do all the shooting. However, Randy doesn’t give it a second though as his boss promised him that if he ever got caught he will bail him out. The gun battle continues but Randy is out numbered, so he surrenders. And now he is in jail. Shortly after arriving in prison he gets the message that his girlfriend has been captured and if he testifies against the mafia he may never see his girlfriend alive. Now Randy’s mission is to escape from jail and save his girlfriend from the mafia. Randy has to somehow escape from jail. He may use a tooth brush, his fist, weed… You must help him. Every step you will be given several options to make a selection. Don’t make the wrong selection or game is over. This is Randys Jailbreak on A wonderful adventure game.

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