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  • Resolution:550x430
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Description: Launch 6 dice and try to make the maximum score in Zilch, a gambling to be discovered on your gate of plays. On a table out of wooden, bits of paper are used of button and table of score. The parts are played with 6 Des. You should reach 10.000 points the first to gain. You can face the computer or one of your friends for more fun. Click on the Roll button to launch the 6 dice and thus to begin your turn. If you made one of the combinations of dice indicated in the Scoring zone indicated in small Help, mark your score. It is enough for that to click on the corresponding buttons or the dice to mark them on your sheet of the scores. The possible combinations are: the 1, 5, 3, 4, 5 and 6 identical dice, 3 pairs of identical dice, a continuation, and a combination without dice which scorent. If you do not mark anything, you make Zilch! You mark zero and pass your turn. Three Zilch of sharpened and you lose 500 points. Once you reach 300 points you can make bank or continue to launch Des. If you made bank, you pass your turn. You can start again only the dice with which you did not make a score. When you scorez with the 6 dice, you are entitled to a throw no-claims bonus. A set of dice amusing and superbly carried out, with many possibilities of marking and a good lifespan. With you to play!

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