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Bubble Tanks 2

  • 78%
    73 Rates in total

  • Resolution:500x400
  • Game control:

Description: Direct a tank in the shape of bubble in a very blue universe and burst all the enemy bubbles in Bubble Tanks 2, a play of shooting to be discovered on your gate of plays. In this play orginal and superbly realized, you control a bubble in a world of bubbles. You move bubbles in bubbles with your small bubble and destroy the bubbles enemies in their tie… of the bubbles! You will have included/understood it the concept was retorted ad infinitum here. It is a question of deduplication besides because it is necessary for you to kill a maximum of enemies in order to recover the bubbles which escapes from it. With each time you killed an enemy, recover the bubbles to grow bigger. The more you kill, the more you grow bigger. A bar in bottom indicates your state compared to the maximum size which you can reach. For the owners of an American keyboard (QWERTY), use keys WASD to move you. For the owners of a French keyboard (AZERTY), we advise you to change the keys since small Settings, then Keybord controls. Use the mouse to draw. The bar space is used to draw with your second weapon. The collected bubbles are used to enlarge but also to recover energy. Each time you are touched by the enemy, you lose energy and can you find immobilized if you lose all your bubbles. A very good jouability, an environment very planing and of superb animations for a play fluid and very fun, unclassable with the excellent jouability. In short, stop buller and sink to test this play of shooting which does not miss air!

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