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Flash Runner

  • 38%
    34 Rates in total

  • Resolution:600x600
  • Game control:

Description: Flash Runner is an action race game, available on, for totally free. Before you start racing, choose the character rank from low to high. Then choose your way by aiming with the mouse. Then click the left button on the mouse to run, or you can hold it to lead the way. The mouse farther you place the mouse from you, the faster you go! You can even jump over small obstacles like logs and rocks, just step over on it. When you land, you must click once again to restart running. When you are in air, you cannot change you direction or you speed! So sometimes it will be better to avoid the obstacles. You can jump whenever you want by pressing space bar. Stay on the road to run faster. When you pick up a magic egg you go faster during a short time. When you are in a race, your score will be calculate with the time you end the race and with the numbers of magic eggs you picked up. If you fall in water you will restart from this point. When you see 2 exclamation mark, it means there is a danger coming so you better slow down. Be careful with the road beyond you, wish you a good luck.

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