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Thing Thing 4

  • 87%
    216 Rates in total

  • Resolution:550x400
  • Game control:

Description: Stuck in the mess, our hero sunk into deep meditation and the mess he created all by himself, why did him have to be created? Is all of this suffering really just for the sake of a more potent weapon? It’s only been a couple days since it all began; trapped in a containment cell, waiting to be evaluated for the abilities. Muscle enhancers, behavioral suppressants, mind control, genetic purification, all of this makes him furious and will not stay in the prison any more. After killing some systems corps, he had finally gotten his first taste of freedom. A clear idea ignites his flame of revenge, and he couldn’t be slave to some demented corporate regiment. They need to recover their investment. They couldn’t let me go, nor could they let me live. Because of their persistence, there is no running from the fight. The only way to end this is to go to the top, and eliminate whoever is in control of all of this insanity. Thing thing 4 is an action game, available on, for totally free.

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