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Mexican Train Dominoes

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Description: Mexican Train Dominoes is gambling available on It is about a play of particular domino, called the Mexican Train. Drank of this play: to be the first to play all its dominos. The dominos are played on your trains, the trains of the other players or the Mexican train. Each player chooses an engine of color which will be used as marker during the part. The black engine is put on side and will be used as marker with the Mexican train. The Mexican Train in top of the plate of play can be played by all the players. The number of dominos distributed to the beginning of the play (coaches) is 15 per player. The player who has a domino doubles highest begins the part. This first domino is used then as engine with the part. The part is played each one its turn. Each player then built his own train by adding a domino corresponding to the starting domino. (example of train: and starting 12-12 domino as an engine so on for the following dominos: 12-5, 5-7, 7-8, 8-11, 11-1, 1-9). Slip-to deposit using the mouse the dominos of your play on in the rectangle-sight which is used as reference and which enables you to visualize the possibilities of play. If you do not have a coach to begin your personal train or not a domino to be placed, you can pick a domino. Click then on the Draw button. One can pick a domino by turn unless having played a double. If you do not have still a domino to place even after having picked, press then on the Pass button to pass your turn. The part ends when a player deposits his last domino or when the play is blocked because the court with trains is empty. In the first case, the player who succeeds in separating himself of all his dominos is gaining it, if not in the second situation, each player calculates the value of his remaining dominos (points on the dominos) and gaining it is that whose value is highest.

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josiejean03/07 16:32

Still Sticking

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josiejean03/07 00:32

why do the domino's keep getting stuck

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Gayle06/10 19:48

other games come up to sign up but I just want the Mexican Train dominoes one

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