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Confuse Box 2

  • 87%
    106 Rates in total

  • Resolution:512x480
  • Game control:

Description: Confuse Box 2 is a puzzle game on in which your mission is to connect up all the wires to the power source and light up any light-bulbs. Any wires that are connected to the power source will glow yellow and any bulbs that are connected to ‘live’ wires will also glow. Once all the bulbs and wires are lit, you win. There are three different games. Continuity Box is the easiest of the three games. There are no bulbs in the game and wires when connected properly will from a large loop that connects to the original power source. Confuse Box is the next most difficult. It adds bulbs and the wires no longer form a loop. Construct Box is the most difficult of the three. Rather than getting complete wires that you can rotate, you only have clues as to the number of wires that connect to a particular node. The nodes are oriented correctly, but you don’t know where the wires go. To start playing, click a game and a size. Good luck and have fun!

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