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Dragon Fist 2

  • 86%
    433 Rates in total

  • Resolution:800x600
  • Game control:

Description: Dragon Fist 2 is an awesome fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat 10 opponents that will get slightly harder each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks and also,your character’s special move. When your rivals life bar has completely disappeared,you have won. Each character has a powerful special move that is a very useful tool for defeating your enemies. You may use it by holding down both the punch and kick buttons,but only when your special move bar has turned red,which is located at the top of the screen underneath the life bar. You will be reward with extra points if you manage to hit your adversary several times quickly or keep him up in the air. Use your special move as part of a combo for maximum damage. The low kick is the only non special move that can penetrate a block. The hard punch and kick may seem slow,but mastering these is the key to winning the game. Back flip is a good way to quickly move out of danger. There is no time limit,so sometimes it is wise to move away and recharge your special move. Have fun!

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