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Flash Minesweeper

  • 35%
    20 Rates in total

  • Resolution:560x420
  • Game control:

Description: Flash Minesweeper is a classic game. The object of flash minesweeper is to find mines which have been hidden at random by the computer on grid. The grid size you will start with is a 16*16 which equals to 25G squares and contains 40 mines. The game start when the player moves his mouse and selects a square on the grid and reveals whether the square contains a mine or not. If that square does contain a mine, then that player has lost the game. If the square does not contain a mine, then the square will contain a number showing how many mines there are on the 8 squares, directly touching that square. For example, if the number revealed is 2,then that means that there are two mines on the adjoining 8 squares. However, if the square is blank, that means that there are no mines on any of the adjoining 8 squares. in that event, the computer automatically helps out by opening all 8 adjoining squares and revealing their numbers. If it happens that any of those squares are also blank, then the squares surrounding those squares are also opened. This gives the player a lot of information with which to calculate where the mines are or are likely to be. Once the player determines exactly where a mine is located, he is advised to mark it so as to avoid playing on that square by accident. He marks the square by pressing the space key. If a player has marked a square as holding a mine by mistake, he may unmark the square also by pressing the space key.

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