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Battle Arena

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  • Resolution:600x450
  • Game control:

Description: There are two types of control in this game: Walking is when you are out of battle. Battling is when you’re fighting an enemy. PARTl: Walking Mode. Walking: Press the arrow keys to move up and down. Press Space to talk to someone when you are near them. You can also use these keys to move. Try it out!(Pressing Space in this case will have no effect due to certain circumstances). here are 4 things which determine how strong your character is: Attack: How much damage you do in battle. Life: How much damage you can take. Speed: How long it takes for you to get ready to attack. Skills: Various moves that ranges from healing yourself to killing. Money is what you upgrade your attack, life and speed with. Exp is what you need to get new skills or upgrade ones you have. Before every battle, you will be in walking mode. You can talk to people if you want to upgrade skills/stats, change outfits, save / load, get advice for the next battle, or enter cheat codes. When you’re ready for the next battle, walk into the portal. The harder difficulty you select, the more levels you will get to play. After the battle, you will get money and exp. Skills also work in a similar way. There are two types of skills Normal Skills(Square)Passive Skills(Circles)Normal Skills are skills that can be used just like your normal attack. Passive skills can’t be used, because they are always activated during battle. Skills came in classes, A, B, and C. You are first only allowed to get Class C skills, but when you have them all(not including passive skills),the next class is open to you. All skills have a limit of 6 points. The people that you’ll meet: Skills Master-Talk to him to upgrade your skills. Shop-Buy different types of upgrades from him. Ninja Master-You can save/ load, get advice, or change outfits by talking to him.(some outfits do affect you in some way)PART2:Battling Mode: When you are engaged in battle, you use attack by using the attack menu. This is your stats menu: it shows your life, time in which the attack menu will appear, and remaining FP. Speed: When this bar is full, you are ready to attack. FP: you need this to use skills. Fp is Recharged by 1 point when the speed bar fills up. Some passive skills appear on the stats menu:(they will only appear when you have more than 1 point on the skill).This icon indicates whether the passive skill "Flaring Out Blast" is active or not. This can be toggled with the SHIFT key. This icon shows you how much shield points you have left. Would you like to try out an experimental battle? If not, choose "End."

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